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Hi, friend! Imagine this… It’s summertime and you’re packing to go on vacation with your family.  Swimsuits. Towels. Sunscreen. Kids. Full tank of gas. Purse. Laptop… And that’s when you remember – you don’t have to

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Meet Madie


Before Multiplieddd, I dreamt of a service that would give business owners time back with their families and provide work-life balance. I had seen first hand what it felt like to “wear all the hats” as a business owner and how hard it is to balance it all as an entrepreneur. I knew how valuable social media was becoming for businesses and knew providing marketing assets would be game-changing!

That's when Multiplieddd was born.

Kate Barschdorf

Director of Internal Development

Hey there! I am the Director of Internal Development with Multiplieddd, formally Marketing By Madie! My role consists of working with each team member internally to further their growth and development within our team, sourcing and training new talent for our team, and assisting in the growth of the business overall. I have proudly worked with this team since graduating from the University of St. Thomas in December of 2021, and have had the opportunity to work with many long-term clients while growing within my role. I strongly value working for a team that encourages my growth and never-ending desire to learn, and am passionate about applying those values to help others learn and grow as well! Outside of work I am ALWAYS searching for my next adventure, whether that be traveling to new countries, road tripping with my friends and family, or exploring the cities with my Golden Doodle, Izzy.

Can’t wait to learn more about YOU!