Managing your social media account is like a second full time job in and of itself.

The platform algorithms are constantly changing, new trends are sprouting every day and Instagram wants to be like TikTok & TikTok wants to be like Instagram. 

We want to help you remain in your zone of genius while providing peace of mind that high quality content is being published to your account. There’s a lot of mixed messaging/noise regarding what WORKS on socials and we’re here to help you break through the noise to be authentically you while you reach your dream clients.

Our Social Media Marketing packages are perfect for anyone: the business owner who knows nothing about social media, the business owner who knows everything about social media but just doesn’t have time and the business owner who may fall somewhere in the middle of the two. No matter your needs, we meet you where you are and can help you achieve the consistency and results you desire. 

What do you say?

Social Media Marketing

Core Packages

  • One Platform (Choose: TikTok, Instagram or Facebook)
  • Vertical Videos, Carousels and/or Static Posts
  • Monthly Content Calendar
  • Quarterly Strategy & Analytics Review

essential core package

12 Posts/Month

BONUS: Complimentary Trend Alerts Subscription

ultimate core package

20 Posts/Month, 10 Minutes Conversations + Conversions

BONUS: Complimentary Trend Alerts Subscription 



Social Media Marketing

Story Slides

  • Story Slides will be posted to one platform of your choice – TikTok, Instagram, Facebook (unless your Facebook/Instagram are connected).
  • Story Slides will include interactive elements to encourage engagement.

mini story package

2 Series/Month (up to 5 Story Slides per series)

essential story package

4 Series/Month (up to 5 Story Slides per series)

ultimate story package

8 Series/Month (up to 5 Story Slides per series)

Social Media Marketing

Content Proofing Packages

  • Proofing for social media content
  • Includes proofing the graphic/image/video, caption, hashtags, keywords, key phrases, etc.
  • All proofing feedback will be sent via voice memo in Slack
  • 1 round of feedback per piece of content

mini proofing package

6 Posts/Month

essential proofing package

12 Posts/Month

ultimate proofing package

20 Posts/Month



Social Media Marketing

Account Setup

  • Bio optimization
  • Search engine optimization of profile
  • Profile/cover photo implementation (when applicable)
  • Contact information setup
  • Button setup (when applicable)
  • Hashtag library
  • Keyword library
  • Announcement post

Social Media Marketing

Content Repurposing Add-On

Repurposing content from one platform to another platform of your choice (Choose TikTok, Instagram or Facebook). We will edit the content to fit that channel’s algorithm (Ex. Editing and posting an Instagram Reel to fit the TikTok algorithm – changing text, using TikTok audio, shortening caption, etc.)

mini repurposing package

6 Posts/Month

essential repurposing package

12 Posts/Month

ultimate repurposing package

20 Posts/Month



DM Sales

Conversations & Conversions

  • Daily lead status reporting in a spreadsheet
  • Monthly reporting of conversions, follow-ups needed, etc.
  • Engaging with leads (commenting/liking content of your target client, interacting on Stories of your target client, etc.)
  • Responding to comments on your content
  • Engaging on the Explore Page/For You Page
  • Sending messages to leads that comment on content requesting information or a lead magnet (Instagram/Facebook only)
  • Sending messages to new followers (Instagram/Facebook only)
  • Sending messages to all accounts that interact with engaging story elements such as…polls, quizzes, question boxes, stickers, etc. (Instagram/Facebook only)

Mini Conversations + Conversions

10 Mins/Day, 5 Days/Week

Essentials Conversations + Conversions

20 Mins/Day, 5 Days/Week

Ultimate Conversations + Conversions

30 Mins/Day, 5 Days/Week


Social Media Marketing Strategy

  • Join Madie Saba and Brooke Vescio for an hour-long Social Media Marketing Strategy Call. This Strategy Call is perfect for strategically planning your content for the month, strategizing surrounding content for a launch, strategizing around content for a collaboration, etc.!
  • Pre-work
  • Follow up email with task list



For companies and corporations looking to outsource their entire marketing department

  • Explain brief overview here





Business Card Creation

  • Complete design creation
  • Will include name, contact info (email, phone number, address), logo, headshot, colors and client font choice
  • QR code included that leads to social media or website of your choice
  • We coordinate printing, you pay!


Email Signature Creation

  • Complete design creation
  • Will include a link to one of the following; website, social media site, review site, etc.
  • Logo, headshot, colors, font choice and contact info is included on the email signature (email, phone number and address)

THE package

coffee cheers 2

Let’s have a virtual coffee chat!

The first step in exploring if we’re the right fit for one another is to do a Discovery Call! During this call, we want to learn more about you: your goals, your needs, your target audience, and more! We’ll also share more about how we can help you! 

a few of

Our Clients

High quality content. Real results.

In the first month of working with Haley we helped her gain 8,047 NEW followers, 1,053% increase in accounts reached and 850% increase in accounts engaged!
Since working with Emily, she has gained 15,000+ NEW followers!
Within three months of working with Haley, she saw an increase of 1,871% on accounts reached!

Angie has gained 71,354 followers since working with us (started at 12,681 and now is at 84,035)!

Within one month of working with Flourish, they have increased in every insight category on Instagram! 

Gina has gained 75,186 followers since working with us (started at 20,928 and now is at 96,114)!

what people are saying


YES! We NEVER use the same content, template or idea on another client. All of our Social Media Management services are CUSTOMIZED to you!

YES! Because we create content calendars by the month, we accept new clients on a monthly basis. We begin posting for new clients on the 1st of every month!

Our Core Packages include your choice of one channel. That said, you can add on ANY platform of your choice with our Repurposing Add-On.

Yes! All content is approved by the client before it is published!

The team member assigned to your account will get to know you through our new client set up call & weekly communication about your content. We love to voice memo with our clients for feedback so we can hear your voice and how you word things. We are always available for a quick phone call if it’s easier to spill your thoughts that way as well. We really pride ourselves on getting to know each unique client! Here’s a review a client left for us specifically about this: “Marketing By Madie is so wonderful to work with. It’s almost like they’re in my head and already know what I’m thinking. I was worried my voice would get lost in my social media content if someone else was doing it. That has definitely not been the case! It’s been such a relief to be able to focus on other aspects of my business that need my attention. You guys are always so prompt in sending my posts + captions to approve. I rarely make edits because you do such great work to begin with.” – Emily Judice, Health Coach

let’s get started!

Are you ready?

Our Social Media Marketing packages are a la carte style and they range from $857.60-$1,781.61 per month!

For more details and to learn more, book a call with us below or view our packages!

Kate Barschdorf

Director of Internal Development

Hey there! I am the Director of Internal Development with Multiplieddd, formally Marketing By Madie! My role consists of working with each team member internally to further their growth and development within our team, sourcing and training new talent for our team, and assisting in the growth of the business overall. I have proudly worked with this team since graduating from the University of St. Thomas in December of 2021, and have had the opportunity to work with many long-term clients while growing within my role. I strongly value working for a team that encourages my growth and never-ending desire to learn, and am passionate about applying those values to help others learn and grow as well! Outside of work I am ALWAYS searching for my next adventure, whether that be traveling to new countries, road tripping with my friends and family, or exploring the cities with my Golden Doodle, Izzy.

Can’t wait to learn more about YOU!